Title Date Author Affiliation/Periodical
Potential of hyperspectral remote sensing for field scale soil mapping and precision agriculture applications 2012 Casa R., Castaldi F., Pascucci S., Pignatti S. Italian Journal of Agronomy
Progress in the Hyperspectral Payload for PRISMA Programme 2013 Meini Marco (1a), Battazza Fabrizio (b), Formaro Roberto(b), Bini Alessandro(a)


(b) ASI

The PRISMA hyperspectral imaging spectrometer: detectors and
front-end electronics
2013 Camerini Massimo (1a), Mancini Mauro (a), Fossati Enrico (a), Battazza Fabrizio (b), Formaro Roberto (b)


(b) ASI

Statistical classification for assessing PRISMA hyperspectral potential for agricultural land use 2013 U. Amato, A. Antoniadis, M.F. Carfora, P. Colandrea, V. Cuomo, M. Franzese, S. Pignatti, C. Serio IEEE Journal Of Selected Topics In Applied Earth Observations And Remote Sensing, vol. 6, no. 2, April 2013.
Geophysical and hyperspectral data fusion techniques for in-field estimation of soil properties 2013 Casa R., Castaldi F., Pascucci S., Basso B., Pignatti S. Vadose Zone Journal
A comparison of sensor resolution and calibration strategies for soil texture estimation from hyperspectral remote sensing 2013 Casa, R., Castaldi, F., Pascucci, S., Palombo, A., Pignatti, S. Geoderma
HYPERSPECTRAL PAYLOAD FOR PRISMA MISSION   Meini Marco(1), Battazza Fabrizio(2), Formaro Roberto(2), Dami Michele(1), Fossati Enrico(1), Giunti Lorenzo(1)


(2) ASI (RM)

Hyperspectral Payload for Italian PRISMA Programme  

Marco Meini (1) and Alessandro Bini (1)

Roberto Formaro(2)


(2) ASI


Meini Marco(1)), Battazza Fabrizio (2), Formaro Roberto (2), Melozzi Mauro (1), Barsotti Stefano (3), Giunti Lorenzo(1), Bini Alessandro(1)


(2) ASI

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Ring-field TMA for PRISMA: theory, optical design, and performance
2015 Luciano Calamai(a), Stefano Barsotti(b), Enrico Fossati(a), Roberto Formaro(c), Kevin P. Thompson(d)

(a)Selex ES

(b)Altran Italia S.p.A.

(c) Italian Space Agency (ASI)

(d) Synopsys Inc.

THE PRISMA MISSION 2016 L. Candela*, R. Formaro*, R. Guarini*, R. Loizzo*, F. Longo*, G. Varacalli*

*Italian Space Agency - Italy

THE PRISMA HYPERSPECTRAL MISSION 2016 Loizzo R. (1), Ananasso C. (2), Guarini R. (1), Lopinto E. (1), Candela L. (2), Pisani A.R. (2)

(1) ASI, Geodesy Center, Matera (IT)

(2) ASI (RM)

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Reducing the influence of soil moisture on the estimation of clay and soil organic carbon from hyperspectral data: a case study SUBMITTED Castaldi F., Casa R., Pascucci S., Pignatti S., Palombo, A. GEODERMA)
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