First National Workshop on

Data Exploitation of PRISMA Mission

Precursor of National Hyperspectral Space Mission

Italian Space Agency (ASI)

Rome, 1-2-3 March 2017

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1 March 2017

Speaker Title Session

R. Formaro


Data Exploitation of PRISMA Mission  

R. Loizzo, E. Flamini


PRISMA Mission Data Exploitation  

A. Ciccolella

ESA, European Space Agency

Hyper-Spectral and Copernicus Evolution

Session 1a

Hyperspectral Missions and the Stakeholders

Chairman: E. Flamini 

A. Blasberger

ISA, Israel Space Agency


B. De Bernardis

Copernicus User Forum

The Italian National Copernicus User Forum State of Play

Ministero della Difesa


Session 1b

Hyperspectral Missions and the Stakeholders

Chairman: L. Candela

R. Onori

Dipartimento della Protezione Civile

Possible applications of hyperspectral missions in the Civil Protection activities

A. Taramelli


Hyperspectral missions and the role of stakeholders: the National Environmental Protection System

R. Aceti



Session 2

Industrial Main Actors of the Mission

Chairman: R. Formaro

A. Sarti


Hyperspectral at LEONARDO

L. Pasquali


Data Exploitation of PRISMA Mission


2 March 2017

F. Longo


PRISMA Program

Session 3

PRISMA Mission

Chairman: F. Longo

C. Contini


PRISMA Space Segment

M. Dami


Functional and Performance Aspects of PRISMA Space Mission

S. Signorile / F. Carriero


PRISMA Ground Segment

P. Colandrea


PRISMA Products

D. Labate


Session 4

The Italian Role in Multi-/Hyperspectral Missions

Chairman: Varacalli

A. Capanni



A. Bucarelli


Copernicus Hyperspectral Mission

G. Uda


Hyperspectral Avionic Systems and Satellite Mission Support

D. Guzzi


Calibration and Validation Activity for Hyperspectral Equipment on San Rossore Area (Pisa)

Session 5a


Chairman: R. Loizzo


F. Mattia


Apulian Tavoliere Site for Agriculture and OT cal/val Activities

M. Musacchio


Preliminary Analysis to select of a vicarial site for CAL/VAL activities of PRISMA Mission

R. Colombo

University of Milan "Bicocca"

CAL/VAL Activities for ESA/FLEX Mission and possible sinergies with PRISMA

M. Zavagli


PRISMA Image Simulator

 Session 5b

Mission-support Tools

Chairman: R. Loizzo

M. Silvestri


Development of a Radiance Simulator for New Hyperspectral Missions

C. Abbattista


Hyperspectral Data Activities Support Tools and Techniques

F. Santini


Corrections of the Effects due to Ground/Atmosphere Combination of Interactions

Session 6

Atmosphere and Application Scenarios

Chairman: M. Castronuovo

F. Del Frate/G. Gurci

(L'Aquila University)

Remote Sensing of Chemical Composition of Atmospheric Aerosol from Satellite Measurements based on Neural Networks

M. Zotti


Hyperspectral-Based Application Services

M. Pepe


Hyperspectral Observations Usage Scenarios for the study of Natural and Antropic Systems

S. Federici


PRISMA and COSMO Sky-Med demonstration for a Multi-Sensor mission

Session 7


Chairman: C. Facchinetti

V. Raimondi


Hyperspectral Data and MaxEnTES Algorithm: Perspectives for Innovative Application Products

M. F. Buongiorno


Hyperspectral Sensors Usage for the Estimation of CO2 Emitted by Volcanic Sources

L. Bruzzone

(Trento University)

Last-Generation Techniques for the Automatic Analysis of Hyperspectral Satellite Missions

F. Bovolo

(Bruno Kessler Foundation)

Analysis of Hyperspectral Multitemporal Satellite Images: Methods and Applications

M. Diani

(Pisa University/Naval Academy)

Effective methods for detecting interesting patterns in hyperspectral data

M. Selva


Multiresolution Hyperspectral Sensors: from Pansharpening to Hypersharpening


3 March 2017

R. Casa

(Tuscia University)

Evaluation of PRISMA and other current and future multispectral and hyperspectral sensors potentialitiesfor the estimation of soil and vegetation properties

Session 8

Agriculture and Vegetation

Chairman: R. Guarini

G. D'urso

(Naples University)

Estimation of bio-physical parameters for agriculture crops

S. Pascucci


Potentialities of PRISMA Mission for the estimation of surface properties and the mapping of soil contaminators

T. Simoniello


The added value of the hyperspectral data in vulnerability to land degradation estimation

G. Vaglio Laurin

(Tuscia University)

Hyperspectral information for vegetation monitoring

M. F. Buongiorno


Hyperspectral studies and missions in VIS-SWIR: PRISMA mission contribute to geophysical phenomena

Session 9

Disasters and Natural Resources

Chairman: S. Mari

L. Colini


Spectral library of Etna volcanic surfaces

G. Laneve

(Sapienza University)

Estimation of the damage to vegetation caused by natural events or by man

S. Amici


Spectral characteristics of fires for detection and characterization of burned areas

L. Santurri


Evaluation of the environmental impact of fires: comparison of results for multispectral and hyperspectral data

F. Braga


Methods and approaches for hyperspectral observations in internal coastal waters

S. Paloscia


Techniques for integration fusion of optical and microwave data for the study and estimation of soil parameters, of vegetation and atmosphere